Make it Fun!

Everyone wants to enjoy their life, but not everyone knows how to put themselves in the right place mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to experience joy in the journey. This three-week message series will break down what the Bible says about fun, how to give ourselves permission to have fun, and how we can add more of it to our lives.


Sunday, October 3

Baptism symbolizes the beginning of new life and a fresh start. It is also an opportunity to publicly declare ones relationship with Jesus to family, friends, and the church. You can sign up at the Next Steps area in the lobby, by checking the second box on your Communication Card during the service this Sunday, or just send us a message. You will never regret having this anchor of hope!

We view child dedication as an opportunity to partner with your family and walk alongside you through the many seasons of your child’s spiritual development. It is also a chance for you to declare your intentions to raise this child in a Christ-Following environment. If you would like to dedicate your child, please stop by Next Steps in the lobby this Sunday, or just send us a message.


SQUAD /skwäd/ (n)
1. A small group working or playing together.
2. A small group engaged in a common effort.

Imagine some of your friends at church (maybe even those outside the church) hanging out together once a week, once every other week or even once a month. No coerced small group sign ups or pressure to attend a meeting each week. A time where there are authentic relationships forming and joy from being together. A group where you journey with Jesus together. Where the responsibility of the group “leader” is not to force others to do things a certain way, but rather to create environments and opportunities where people can grow more naturally into who God created them to be. Sound interesting? Want to try one out? Send us a message and we will get you connected with a squad leader.


Here is What We are Doing

Due to the recent rise in case numbers, we are once again implementing the following steps to help limit the spread:

  • If you feel sick or have recently been exposed to someone who was, please stay home. The message will be posted every Monday.
  • Our facility gets thoroughly cleaned every week.
  • Wear a mask if you like, but we are not mandating them.
  • We have sanitizer throughout the building.
  • Our auditorium seating is spread apart and socially distanced into sections of 2 – 5 chairs. Please find a section that fits your family / party so we can fit everyone.
  • Children and volunteers in our Coastal Kids area will get a quick temperature check.

We continue to pray for our community and appreciate your cooperation.