Series Begins This Sunday!

You have little control over the global economy, but your decisions can greatly affect your own personal economy. The time-tested wisdom of the Bible can help you maximize your satisfaction, freedom and feelings of security without maxing out your credit! Join us for this two-part series as we discover how anyone can win with money.



Grab some posters and invite cards this Sunday, and host your own Halloweenie Handout at your house! The idea is pretty simple. Drag your grill around front and give out free hotdogs and cold drinks on Halloween night. It is a great way to spread the word about the Suncoast and show people we care in a simple, tangible way. And, it is just a lot of fun!

Our goal is to host 10 across our community this year. Let us know if you plan on hosting or want to participate:


NOVEMBER 1ST // 6:30pm – 8pm

It’s easy for life to get hectic, for our schedules to get overcrowded, this is why we set aside the first Wednesday of every month as a time to reconnect as a church family. Hang out, play some games, eat some pizza and enjoy the fire. The final few minutes we huddle up adults, students and children to talk life, Jesus and how we can pray for each other. Purchase a meal ticket on Sunday at Next Steps if you plan on eating.

600th Service (11.5)

Celebration / Baptism / Child Dedication

On Sunday, November 5th the Suncoast will celebrate our 600th service! That’s a lot of countdown clocks, songs, messages and announcements. But, it’s also huge milestone of God’s faithfulness and a celebration of what He has done in people’s lives! Join us for the party, and make it even bigger by taking your next step of Baptism or through Child Dedication. For more info, contact us through the Care & Prayer page or stop by Next Steps in the lobby on Sunday.



Help us meet our communities most basic needs because we believe blessed people bless people! Bring any of the following items to Next Steps in the lobby each Sunday:

New socks
New underwear
Gently used clothing

Canned Vegetables
Canned Fruit
Canned Tomatoes
Spaghetti Sauce
PB & J
Canned Meats