Here’s What We are Doing to Keep You Safe

  • Our facility is cleaned and sanitized every week.
  • If you are sick or not comfortable in public, it’s okay to stay home. However, the message will not be available until later in the week since we are back to live services.
  • Wear a mask if you like, but we are social distancing as well. We will respect your space either way.
  • Everyone gets a pump of hand sanitizer on the way in, and we will have places around the building to get more.
  • We will not have our weekly all volunteer meetings at 9:55 am. Instead, we will only have individual team meetings at 10:05 am.
  • Doors will be opened for you starting at 10:15 am.
  • There is limited seating in the lobby.
  • Our cafe is reopened now, but obviously no one has to eat.
  • We have removed the mint bowls, yes… I know.
  • We’ve created space between seating sections of 2 to 6 chairs in the auditorium. Please choose a section that fits so that we can save room for others.
  • We are still not passing the offering baskets, we do however have an offering box in the back, but encourage people to keep giving online.
  • All the door handles get wiped down after the service starts.
  • If you use the restroom, please WASH YOUR HANDS!
  • We will take everyone’s temperature before they enter the Coastal Kids area. This is for volunteers and kids.
  • Everyone gets a pump of sanitizer before entering the kid’s area.
  • We have cleaned and replaced toys that could be virus prone or hard to clean.
  • Please sign your children in online before Sunday if possible. Scroll down the home page to find the online check in form.

We hope to be back to normal soon, but until then we will take these steps so that we can gather in person once again. We hope to see you on Sunday!



We have all been cooped up for what seems like forever. What has all this social distancing done for your relationships? Has it made things a little tense? Have you noticed any relationslip? Could you use a little help and guidance to keep from going crazy? We thought so, join us for this practical series!


This Wednesday, 7pm

As we are limiting our in person experiences to just Sunday mornings, join Pastor Brian (and family) on Facebook Live this Wednesday night at 7pm.