Beginning in 2022

Our belief is that God honors movement. God blesses and multiples whatever we are willing to put into His hands. This 24 month campaign is an opportunity for our church to sacrificially give above and beyond to open the door to 54.

We want to create spaces where everyone would know they are welcomed and included, beginning with what they experience in our physical environments. Our vision is to create a “third space” or hub of community life along the SR 54 corridor in the coming years. A space our church can open to the community all week long. Think Armature Works in Tampa on a grand scale or Panera Bread / Starbucks on a smaller scale.

For far too long the church has been known for what it is against, we want to be known for what we are FOR! We are FOR this community. No matter what our world looks like in the coming years, people still need two things: Christ and community. We want to create a space where that can happen not just on Sunday, but all week long.

Important Dates:

January 12 – Special Night of Worship, 7pm to dedicate the next 24 months to God.

January 22 – Prayer Walk, 9 am SpringHill Suites (16615 Crosspointe Run, Land O’ Lakes, FL) Coffee and donuts will be provided.

January 30 – Commitment Sunday! We turn in commitment cards and the campaign begins.


SQUAD /skwäd/ (n)
1. A small group working or playing together.
2. A small group engaged in a common effort.

Imagine some of your friends at church (maybe even those outside the church) hanging out together once a week, once every other week or even once a month. No coerced small group sign ups or pressure to attend a meeting each week. A time where there are authentic relationships forming and joy from being together. A group where you journey with Jesus together. Where the responsibility of the group “leader” is not to force others to do things a certain way, but rather to create environments and opportunities where people can grow more naturally into who God created them to be. Sound interesting? Want to try one out? Send us a message and we will get you connected with a squad leader.