Hurry: Finding Rest in a Fast-Paced World 

The way of the world is heavy and burdensome, full of chaos and constant demand. We wear our busyness like a twisted badge of honor. In Jesus, we discover a spiritual life beyond exhaustion. His rhythms of rest and release set us free. Join us today at 10:30 am as we explore how to find rest in a fast-paced world.


SQUAD /skwäd/ (n)
1. A small group working or playing together.
2. A small group engaged in a common effort.

Imagine some of your friends at church (maybe even those outside the church) hanging out together once a week, once every other week or even once a month. No coerced small group sign ups or pressure to attend a meeting each week. A time where there are authentic relationships forming and joy from being together. A group where you journey with Jesus together. Where the responsibility of the group “leader” is not to force others to do things a certain way, but rather to create environments and opportunities where people can grow more naturally into who God created them to be. Sound interesting? Want to try one out? Send us a message and we will get you connected with a squad leader.