Hello Church!

A quick update. With the news we will have to remain “socially distant” until April 30th, we know there is no way to celebrate Easter together this month. Sure, we will continue to do our best to stay connected (see below) but, it’s also OK to mourn that loss. I mourn that. God WILL use this, His church WILL continue to push back the darkness, but we can also acknowledge this Easter will be… well, weird.

BUT, it’s also why we must pray. It’s also why we must stay connected with phone calls and notes of encouragement. Yes, that device you’re holding also works as a phone, and someone would LOVE to hear your voice today. It’s also why we must take care of each other, day-by-day, need-by-need. It’s also why we still need the church. Because, the church isn’t a building or institution, it’s a family.

So, as we continue on, here is as much as I know right now. Please, please, please stay tuned in to our Facebook page, ask to join our private Facebook group, and check out our website for the latest updates. I have been hearing some cool stories of how you guys are helping each other and the community. Keep it up!

We will continue to post music and message content for the month of April. The videos are posted Sunday mornings bright and early, but can be viewed on demand. That being said, I’d encourage you to jump in at some point Sunday morning. It’s nice to keep that routine, it feels almost normal. You can find them on our website, Facebook, YouTube and on our Vimeo channel. If you have a smart TV / Roku, get the Vimeo app and search for Church of the Suncoast. Also, we are posting Coastal Kids content on our website and Vimeo channel. I’ve enjoyed sitting with Sophie and Ella on the couch the past few Sunday mornings and seeing them engage. Seeing them dance and sing and memorize Bible verses has been a joy.

Speaking of our family, we are doing Facebook live events every Wednesday night at 7 pm. These are a work in progress LOL. But, we love you guys and just want to hang out and encourage you in our non-internet celebrity way.

Our first Sunday back will be MAY 3 @ 10:30 AM.

Finally, I’d ask you to continue to be faithful in your giving. Our church is helping people in need and that need is only going to grow over this next month. Consider giving online from our website. As cliche as it has become, we are all in this together.

If you need anything, please let us know. If you see a need, meet the need. We WILL GET THROUGH THIS and the best is still yet to come!

I love my church!

Pastor Brian