For God to get something into your hands, they first have to be open! 
Blessed people, bless people.

2018 Goal:

Amazing Love
The ministry provides food, clothing, linens, shoes, backpacks, blankets etc. to anyone who comes to the ministry in need. Showers are now available and the ministry serves anywhere from 150-200 people a hot meal on Monday nights.

Christian Social Services 
Provides food, clothing and related services for disadvantaged men, women and children in our local area.

The Shepherd Center
Provides compassion, basic support, and assistance to those in our community who need it most. They focus on families, the elderly, and the homeless. They feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and empower people to seek independence.

Foster Family 
We want to bless a family here at the Suncoast who has taken on two foster kids recently.

Our goal as a church is to create relevant environments in which God can work. Our lobby is the first environment guests walk into, and after 7 years it needs some TLC. We’d also like to turn this space into a community hub of sorts where people could work or hold meetings during the week.

Just like we were able to sponsor several community events and financially support families in 2018 without having to blast the need all over social media, we believe 2019 will hold opportunities that will require quick action and resources not in the regular budget.

How to give: 
Everything given on Christmas Eve will go towards this goal. You can also add “Christmas Offering” to your check in the memo, or the comments section of an online gift.